Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Subfloor mold issue

This Baton Rouge area home suffered a water loss due to flash flooding. The water sat for several before the water was able to be extracted which caused a pretty significant mild issue underneath their wooden floors. SERVPRO came to the rescue and had these residents back in their hoe within a week.

Mold in an abandoned building

This business had been abandoned for a few years. Several old roof leaks had caused moisture to build up over time which created a significant mold growth issue. Through time and hard work team SERVPRO had the building back operable within a few months. 

Moldy tiles

This commercial bathroom fell victim to a nasty sewage backup after a flooding event in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The standing water quickly turned into a mold remediation job as well. With proper water extraction and treatment this business was back in action within a few weeks.

Black barrier mold

Its very important to check for mold growth behind your homes black barrier that resides along the outer walls. Dangerous mold can thrive behind these barriers that were originally installed to protect your home.