Commercial Photo Gallery

SERVPRO employees extracting water

Water Extraction

Commercial Water Damage

Our team at SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge was called to this emergency disaster at a local hotel. The hotel experienced severe water damage on multiple floors and in multiple rooms. 

We brought our portable extraction units to vacuum the excess water from the carpets of the affected area. Our team worked quickly so these room were back to normal in no time. 

Air movers in commercial hallway.

Commercial Storm Cleanup

Call the Pro's

SERVPRO South Baton Rouge is the leader in commercial storm damage cleanup and restoration in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas! It is no secret that our area suffers from storms and flooding regularly and our crew is dedicated to being there to help if damage strikes your business.

Air movers in action in a bed room.

Dos And Don'ts After A Water Damage Event

Until our SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge team arrives at your water damage event in Baton Rouge, LA, do you know what to do? Check out our Water Damage Tips to see the dos and don'ts! 

Air movers running in a hallway.

What do I do after a water loss?

There are several do's and don'ts following a water loss in your home or business in Gardere, LA. If a water leak or flooding damages your property, give our SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge team a call! Then take a second to review our Water Damage Tips to see what to do until our experts arrive.

Air movers in hotel hallway.

Water Damage in Hotel Hallway

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Baton Rouge

SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge recently completed a large water damage cleanup job in the Baton Rouge area. Our experts are highly trained in large loss cleanup and restoration.

Wet carpet in office area.

Office Water Damage Cleanup

Our SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge team understands how important it is to get someone on-site and working as quickly as possible after a water loss on your Baton Rouge property. SERVPRO is always available to help, 24/7/365.

Team members in action during a warehouse cleanup.

Warehouse Cleanup in Baton Rouge

Our SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge team is working hard on a commercial cleanup job after a warehouse in Baton Rouge suffered from a large loss. No size loss is too large for our SERVPRO team to handle! Give us a call today.

Bio Recovery Bags

Bio Hazard Recovery standards

If your business becomes contaminated by blood borne pathogens please hire a professional that follows strict industry standards. SERVPRO of South Baton Rouge is keenly aware of the national standards when remediating biological contaminants. We use highly visible red bio bags when providing this type of service. 

Knock Knock Museum water extraction

KKM, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, suffered a minor water loss due to an overflowing drain in one of their bathroom facilities. Our team of experts at SERVPRO had them back up and running within a few days.

Having the proper equipment is key

Having the proper equipment to get your business back up and running is extremely important to your bottom line.As seen in this photo, several air handlers are being used to properly remove moister. At SERVPRO, we have only the best.

Flooded gym

This gym facility, in Baton Rouge Louisiana, flooded in 2017 due to extreme rain flooding from a nearby creek. The wooden basketball court needed extra special care. Team SERVPRO jumped right in and saved the schools brand new floor.

AC overflows in office building

This Zachary Louisiana office building flooded due to an overflowing A/C units drain pan on the third floor. This one can sneak up on any home or business very suddenly if not inspected regularly.