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Common Reasons Your Toilet Leaks When You Flush

5/20/2022 (Permalink)

Bottom of a toilet seeping water Toilet leaking in Gardere, LA.

The Most Common Causes of Toilet Leaks When You Flush

Toilets are a common source of household floods in Gardere, LA. Understanding what causes a leaking toilet can prevent water damage and help you decide if you need to replace your unit. These common culprits are responsible for leaks every time you flush.

Damaged Tank Flange
The flange pipe passes through the floor, secures the toilet, carries waste to the sewer and seals in odors. A rocking toilet and leaks upon flushing are indications of flange problem with symptoms, including:

  • A soft floor near the toilet's base
  • Water spots on the ceiling beneath the toilet
  • Uneven flooring beneath the toilet

Damaged Flapper
The flapper is a rubber or plastic part that rests over the flush valve. It helps keep water inside the tank and lifts it to release it into the bowl upon flushing. Flapper damage causes water to continue flowing into the bowl after flushing and may cause flooding.

Dry Wax Ring
The wax seal between the toilet and the drain pipe requires replacement when it dries out, contracts and allows water to seep out during flushing. Signs of a leaking toilet due to an ineffective wax ring are an accumulation of water at the toilet's base and water stains on the ceiling below it.

Cracks in the Bowl
Trauma and excessive use can cause a toilet's porcelain to crack and leak with every flush. Cracks inside the bowl can cause a damaging bathroom leak. Therefore, replacement of the entire toilet is usually necessary.

Loose Tank
A loose connection between the tank and base of two-part toilets can cause a leak upon flushing. Tightening the bolts that attach these parts or replacing the rubber seal between them usually fixes the problem.

Improper Installation Can Also Cause a Leaking Toilet
Floods and leaks due to appliance and fixture installation errors are common causes of household water damage that emergency flood services address. Therefore, it is essential to carefully execute each step of the toilet installation process.
If you suspect a leak at your home in Gardere, LA, addressing it quickly can prevent water damage throughout your home.

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